Representing Your Interests and Negotiating on Your Behalf

While no one likes to go to court, sometimes litigation can be your best course of action. Our process prioritizes strategic negotiating and careful planning to favorably resolve conflicts. But when your situation calls for further legal action, the attorneys at Marks DiPalermo Wilson are ready to represent you and your interests in court.

Our firm has decades of experience successfully representing clients in the federal and state courts of New York and New Jersey across complex commercial, corporate, and business cases, as well as disputes between individuals and family members.

Well before and throughout the litigation process, we stand by your side—crafting preemptive strategies, beginning the proceedings, preparing motion practices and discovery, and enforcing judgments and/or attending to the appeals process.

We know the right questions to ask from the start, allowing us to comprehensively understand your needs, your counterpart’s strengths and weaknesses, and efficiently limit the time and money you spend in court—resources that are best spent on running your business.


Litigation Services

  • Commercial, corporate, and real estate litigation, including employment matters, internal investigations, and shareholder or partnership dissolutions
  • Arbitration
  • Judgment enforcement

You need a strong voice to support you and your interests, in and out of court.

Look to Marks DiPalermo Wilson.


is led by

Adam N. Love