Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Protecting Unique Identities, Enforcing Creative Rights

For businesses, creatives, and notable personalities, your biggest asset is your intellectual property—everything from logos, images, artwork, writings, and manuscripts to taglines and nicknames. These assets are the key to your identity, and often a revenue stream, and must be protected with a trademark or copyright—that’s where we come in.

The team at Marks DiPalermo Wilson is experienced in preserving and defending your intellectual property through business and individual counseling and conducting thorough due diligence research. In addition to strategic guidance, we provide you with valuable asset protection from beginning to end—clearing and procuring the trademark, protecting and enforcing the trademark, drafting policies for its proper use, and issuing cease and desist letters as necessary.

No matter what industry you work in—be it sports, entertainment, consumer products, publishing, fashion, or interior design—your ideas and creations are yours and yours alone. Protect their value and your rights with attorneys who have been down this road numerous times before.

Intellectual Property


  • Preparing and filing applications for trademarks and copyrights
  • Negotiating with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on your behalf
  • Performing due diligence research prior to the trademark’s selection
  • Pursuing any claims of trademark infringement by preparing cease and desist letters, temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions, or other notices or motions as necessary


  • Reviewing products, marketing materials, and internet content to determine usage risks and ensure the protection of copyrighted materials
  • Licensing, merchandising, and branding for businesses and individuals

When your valuable work is in the public eye, take proactive steps to protect it.

Look to Marks DiPalermo Wilson.

Intellectual Property

is led by

Kristen Kelley Wilson